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Foster P. Carr MD

Screenshot 2014-10-03 15.34.58Dr. Foster Carr MD has nurtured his passion for the field of telemedicine since 1994, when he created the first portal for personalized medical services. Since then, he has translated his passion into building a primary care medical practice that incorporates all forms of in-person and electronic communication. Today, Dr Carr’s practice is serving a patient base physically in Southern California as well as virtually across the United States and internationally. The primary principals of his healthcare services are based on joint patient-physician decision making and evidence based care. He promotes nutritive and herbal remedies in combination with regenerative, pharmaceutical, physical therapy, and surgical solutions. He is also a strong advocate for genetic profiling and other prevention activities that help assess disease risk and optimize patient health.

Dr. Carr combines both high touch and high tech abilities. His medical informatics self-training is combined with strong problem solving skills and a genuine respect for all patients. His patients report that video visits with him are entertaining and enlightening.
He holds a BA in Biochemical Sciences from Harvard College and an MD from Stanford Medical School with 2 years of PhD training in Cancer Biology. His internal medicine internship was completed at Mount Zion/UC SAN FRANSISCO and a year of internal medicine residency was completed at UC SAN DIEGO. He has been a general practitioner since 1991 and communicates in English, Spanish and German. contacts: phone : 877 271-6078


Morse High School, San Diego, CA 92114 9/76-6/78
Harvard College, Cambridge, MA 02138 9/78-6/82.
Obtained a BA degree in Biochemical Sciences.
Stanford Medical School, Stanford, CA 92305 6/82-6/88
Obtained a doctor of medicine degree and partially completed a PhD in Cancer Biology.

Developing Your Telemedical Office , the Bioperfutor, and Writing a thesis on the origin and evolution of life.

Private Practice / TeleMedical Care Physician SD, CA 7/90-present


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