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Comprehensive Program Administration.

As the healthcare industry continues to mature after the release of the Affordable Care Act and the cost associated with this maturity continues to increase, more and more businesses are teaming up with insurance providers and health management companies and investing in comprehensive health & wellness programs in order to keep their health care costs under control. Studies continue to show significant evidence that those companies who have incorporated wellness programming into their business strategies, are experiencing a positive return on investment with a reduction in their overall health care costs. Less workers compensation claims are being reported, hired staff are (annually) taking less days off of work and are exhibiting higher quality performances throughout the work day. These are just a few examples.

Preventative Measures is your premiere health management and staffing solutions provider. We recognize the current state of healthcare, its influence on the business world, and can offer customizable solutions that will encourage a healthy active workplace that will keep the cost of healthcare for your company under control.

We are CLIA compliant across the United States giving us the means to offer biometric screening services at the workplace and our nationwide team of licensed professionals bring their expertise and love for what they do to every event day, ensuring our clients experience evidence based, first class service delivery, with a smile. We take data privacy very seriously and abide by HIPAA policies when educating participants on their personal health information and associated health risk factors.

Are you already offering these services to your clients and require a CLIA compliant vendor? We partner with some of the leading health management providers in the industry providing staffing and screening services and would enjoy hearing how we can build a successful working relationship with you as well.

We look forward to working with you soon. Have a healthy day!!

Biometric Screenings

Biometric screenings are an important component of a comprehensive wellness program. Preventative Measures partners with some of the industry’s leaders to offer staffing and biometric screening services, which are both CLIA and HIPAA compliant.

We are dedicated to working hand in hand with our clients to insure that their needs are met.  Our services are customizable to meet the culture of your population and we guarantee the highest level of service delivery from our products and staff.

Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments

The Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) program is a federally regulated certification program governed by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare services (CMS).  CMS requires that every laboratory which is conducting tests on human samples be CLIA compliant under federal guidelines, unless the state in which the laboratory is registered in, has waived these requirements and deemed more stringent criteria be met.

Preventative Measures is currently CLIA compliant within the states of Tennessee and California and can provide non-diagnostic testing for your comprehensive health management program.  We’ll take a small blood sample via a fingerstick and gather a complete lipid profile (Total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and Triglycerides), along with glucose measurement, utilizing Alere’s LDX technology and consult each participant as to where these numbers currently stand, what the national standards consider “healthy/low risk” values, and advise each person as to how to improve these numbers so that they remain at low risk for their lifespan for heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and various forms of cancer.”

“All of our examiners are certified and licensed medical professionals.  We recruit the very best in the business to conduct this type of testing for our clients because they care about each participant’s health and well-being.  Medical Assistants, Level 1 and Level 2 Certified Phlebotomists, Registered Nurses, Physicians, EMT’s, Paramedics, and Exercise Physiologists are all a big part of our team and are welcomed to apply with us here.”

Patient Privacy

As you could expect, the privacy of gathered data is extremely important to Preventative Measures.

Screening results are reviewed with each individual and are strictly confidential and private.  These results may include recommendations on how to reduce any risks.  Suggested follow-up care with your PCP or lifestyle changes is discussed.  No results are shared with anyone other than the participant.  Ever.

All testing is for educational proposes only.


Need Support?

You will find that our professional staff are ready to handle any questions you may have.   Working with you to achieve your goals, is our number one goal.


We offer flexibility larger companies cannot provide.  All of our services are catering to the needs of each individual client.

Drop us a line, we would LOVE to hear from you…


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Preventative Measures is a non-profit organization that can operate in any part of the Continental US. We are in a unique position to provide services to you no matter what your location.




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